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  • Funeral Plans

    A pre-paid funeral plan is a simple way to put your affairs into order and spare your loved ones the burden of organising a funeral during such difficult and upsetting times. By taking out a funeral plan, you’ll have specified all of the details in advance and taken care of the costs*
    In the last 20 years the cost of a funeral has increased quicker than savings that are put into a building society. This means that if you had the choice to pay for a funeral plan or save the same amount of money in a savings account, the chances are the funeral charges would rise more than the amount gained in interest from the Building Society. Therefore, you would not only gain because you have saved youself and family a considerable amount of money, you will have the satisfaction that everything will be how you want it to be on the day.

    The best time to arrange your funeral is now because…

    …you can have your funeral the way you would like without leaving your family to guess.

    …you can avoid price increases and inflation, by paying for your funeral now at current prices.

    Important information to remember

    It is recommended that after the funeral plan is arranged, you advise a family member of the details, as just leaving them in your will is unreliable as there is a possibility it may not be looked at until after the funeral has taken place.

    *Third party costs are not within the control of Tudor-Davies Funeral Services, this includes expenses such as fees for the cemetery or cremation, doctors fees and clergy fees which will be costed at the current price when the plan is taken out. Although the payment held will look to grow in-line with inflation, if at the time of need the increase in third party costs is greater than the level of growth achieved, we may have the option to approach the family to match the additional cost.